Cash for Musical Instruments in North & South Dakota

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If you want to pawn or sell a musical instrument or just want to buy music equipment, we are your best choice

Pawn, Sell or Buy Musical Instruments

We are a professional establishment that buys, sells and loans on top quality merchandise, while always putting customer needs first. If you are coming to First National Pawn shops to sell or get a loan on musical instruments, you have chosen the best possible option since we consistently pay out more money than anyone in the area. We have experts on staff who have undergone extensive training in the valuation of musical instruments such as pre-owned guitars.

Pre-Owned Musical Instruments

Cash for Musical Instruments in North & South Dakota | First National Pawn

If you want to pawn, buy or sell a musical instrument, or want to buy music equipment in the North & South Dakota area, you have found the best resource with First National Pawn! We don't just compete with musical instrument stores, our prices leave other dealers out of market! We are staffed by a highly trained group of people who are experts in examining pre-owned musical instruments and assigning proper sale or loan value to each one of them which is brought into our pawn shops.

We will buy, sale and make loans on any sort of used musical instruments: from pre-owned guitars (electric, acoustic, or hybrid electric/acoustics – we buy and sell it all!) to school band instruments (think about that old clarinet, trumpet, trombone, or the drums you no longer use) to the professional quality violins or cellos ( the type of instruments that may have even been part of a major symphony orchestra once), we are ready to help you find out the value of your musical instruments.

Accessories & Equipment

If you are planning a visit to one of our First National Pawn stores to pawn or sell your pre-owned musical instruments, you need not worry because it is a very simple process. Simply bring the instrument in with you, and we will be happy to examine it and make you an offer. In most cases, it takes only a few minutes for our experts to evaluate your pieces and make you an offer. Don't forget to bring any cases or accessories in with you, sometimes it turns out these accessories are more valuable than the instrument itself. For example, if you have a guitar case, clarinet case, cello case, or any special tuning equipment for the instrument we will generally be glad to make you an offer on that as well. We are also happy to provide loans for or purchase items like guitar amplifiers.

Great Deals on Musical Instruments

If you're looking to purchase a musical instrument in the North & South Dakota area, First National Pawn shops are the best option! We have an extensive inventory since we are buying high quality musical instruments and music equipment every day.

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